Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Man, do I feel bad. Chemo, newborn, family funerals, it's all just too much. I can barely function. My disease is getting worse in spite of meds, and it sucks. Big time. I would give anything to have one day of normalcy. Just one. ugh

I did knit a small bag the other day, to try to get in the swing of things. Then I felted it too much and now it's miniature. Guess my daugher has a new purse. lol


Blogger kristin said...

Hi Em!

I love love love you. I will be your virtual postpartum doula, ok? Here's a giant bottle of water, an oscillating fan to keep you cool, and I'm going to rub your feet when I get back with your snack. I made chocolate chip banana bread to go with fresh strawberries.


3:05 PM  

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